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Jamorama is a great choice for teaching you how to play guitar effectively. It is a very comprehensive course that contains everything you need to learn to play the guitar. Jamorama is ideal for beginners as it starts teaching you the very basics, but by the end of the course you’ll be playing at a near advanced level. The creator of the Jamorama course is Ben Edwards and for those who may not know, Ben actually played in a successful band in Australia called “Degreesk” which toured internationally. Ben is a great guitar teacher and you will be learning the guitar using his step by step method. His style of teaching is very easy to follow and you won’t get frustrated by the pacing.

Jamorama Creator Ben Edwards

Jamorama Creator Ben Edwards

I like the fact that Jamorama lets you download the lessons as you go, or all at once if you like. This lets you practice with Jamorama whenever and wherever you want. The included video lessons are high quality and they were really helpful to me to hear and see exactly what I needed to be doing. Unlike other guitar courses, the guitar playing drills aren’t boring and repetive and Ben does a good job of making them fun to play.

My favorite aspect of Jamorama are probably the Jam Tracks. You get 26 different Jam Tracks and they are ideal for helping you practice your strumming, chord changes, and develop good rhythm habits. The included software games are also pretty good. They teach you how to read music, recognize chords, and transcribe songs from the radio. Plus, they are quite fun as well.

What you will get in the Jamorama package:

  • 2 Ebooks, Jamorama Beginners and Jamorama Advanced.
  • 12 months worth of lessons
  • 148 video lessons and exercies
  • 26 Jamorama Jam tracks
  • Bonus GuitEarIt – Ear training Game (value $49)
  • Bonus Jayde Musica Pro
  • Bonus Guitar Tuner Pro
  • Bonus Jamorama Metronome

Jamorama is the perfect guitar learning course for the beginner guitar player. It contains everything you need to start learning the guitar right away. Once you’ve completed the Jamorama course, you will be able to play all the popular songs of any music genre like a professional using proper guitar playing techniques. At only $39.95, Jamorama is a great price for anyone on a budget. Ben is also so confident in Jamorama that he even offers a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. So if you are really serious about learning the guitar, you really have no reason not to check Jamorama out.

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